Fall Rescue Training

Working at height poses many risks, but the primary risk is that of falling from height. This type of incident is one of the most common and deadly types of accident in the workplace. The risk must be mitigated through a series of preventative and protective measures. All individuals that will be working in an elevated position must be provided with proper safety equipment, conditions should be maintained to a safe standard, and individuals should be given the proper training.

Fall rescue training teaches best working practices to avoid accidents. It ensures that participants are aware of the latest regulations and legislation governing this type of hazardous working condition, and offers education on choosing and using the proper safety equipment and harnesses. Rescue After a Fall training also teaches individuals and groups of individuals how to deal with falls when they do happen. Swift and reliable action is required to prevent injuries from being exacerbated, and to ensure that further injuries are prevented.

REAX Ltd offers specialist health and safety training. We specialise in offering training to people that work at heights, as well as those that are responsible for ensuring the safety of others. We have a dedicated simulation centre based in Blackpool, offering training to businesses, individuals, and groups based in Lancashire and the surrounding area. We are fully accredited; all of our trainers are certified and highly qualified. You can view the full range of courses we offer, here on our website, or call us with any questions you have about the services we provide.

What Will Participants Learn?

  • Identify key legislation for working at height
  • Use of pre rigged Rescue Equipment
  • Checking of equipment prior to use
  • Sharp edge protection
  • Anchor identification and selection
  • Casualty care during the Rescue
  • Inspection care and maintenance

Safety equipment is a key component to fall protection and fall rescue. Harnesses can reliably prevent falls, but the user must choose the correct harness, ensure that it is fitted and used properly, and must also protect from damage to the equipment. Damage can be caused by increased friction or by sharp edges, for example.

The Rescue After a Fall training course teaches participants to choose the right equipment, how to affix it securely, and ensures that all participants can safely use the equipment.

This course specifically teaches participants how to safely perform fall rescue. They will learn how to safely attach casualties to harnesses and safety gear, how to raise or lower casualties to a place of safety, and how to properly care for the casualty throughout the rescue process.

Who Needs This Course?

  • Course duration – 0.5 day
  • Recertification period – 3 years

Rescue After a Fall training courses are for rescuers and individuals that respond to falls, care for casualties, and perform rescues. All participants will finish the course with the knowledge of which fall arrest safety equipment to use according to the local conditions, condition of the casualty, and to meet current best safety practices and guidelines.

The course lasts half a day and recertification is required within 3 years.

Participant Requirements

  • No pre-course requirements
  • A reasonable level of fitness is required
  • Students should be comfortable working at heights
  • All students need to sign a medical form before the course begins

Obviously, participants need to be comfortable working at heights, and a reasonable level of fitness is required in order to complete the practical training fall protection rescue training session. All students will need to sign a medical form before they can start training.

Fall Rescue Training From REAX Ltd

Falling from heights remains one of the most deadly forms of accidents at work, and employers are required to ensure that employees have appropriate equipment, are working in as safe an environment as possible, and that they have appropriate training to work safely in these hazardous conditions. Companies and site managers should also ensure that there is a rescue operator on hand to perform rescues and to ensure the safety of all people on site.

REAX Ltd is a Blackpool based simulation centre, offering specialist health and safety training courses. Browse our full range of courses, including fall protection rescue training courses, on our site, or call on 01253 767775 and speak to one of our knowledgeable team with any questions about the courses and services that we offer.

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