Rescue Skills Training

Recommended For

All persons who are part of a team working at height or below ground that require skills to retrieve or lower a casualty from their place of work. The course covers practical sessions using rescue equipment available within a standard rescue kit.

Course Objective

Theory session to include working at height activities and the procedure to follow if someone falls. To understand pre-use checks, harness fitting and correct use of the rescue equipment including assembly and operation to lower or raise the casualty to a place of safety.

Course Content

Identify key legislation for working at height
Identify key legislation for confined space work
Basic confined space awareness
The use of pre-rigged rescue equipment
Checking of equipment prior to use
Sharp edge protection
Understanding friction factors
Selection use and assembly of simple pulley systems
Anchor identification and selection
Casualty care during the Rescue
Suspension Intolerance issues
Inspection care and maintenance

Skill Base

Fitting and adjustment of harness
Creating a safe system of work prior to commencing the rescue
Connection of the casualty to the rescue equipment
Implementing simple pulley systems
Overcoming friction issues
Correct placement of edge protection
Lowering a casualty with both pre-assembled and rescuer assembled kit
Raising a casualty with both pre-assembled and rescuer assembled kit
Correct use of PPE anchors and anchor systems
Rescue of a suspended casualty
Horizontal rescue
Tension Rope Systems
Application of tripods and stretchers
Casualty care and recovery with regard to suspension intolerance issues

Course Requirements

Candidates must hold a valid Working at Height qualification.

Medical Requirements

A signed REAX statement of medical fitness to be signed prior to the commencement of the course. A reasonable level of fitness will be required to complete the practical element of this course.

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