Our Story

Ultimately, we don't spend much time looking back as we aim to push the envelope, invest in our team, innovate, and strive to be best in class. We continue to be proud of our humble beginnings

Managing Director of REAX Keith Parmley

Our Mission and Vision

To empower workers to safely access their work site and have all the necessary tools and skills should it go wrong.

Create a thriving environment for our team, so they can set a new bar for safety training in the industry.

To support clients in driving culture change in their business.

Continue to innovate, develop and build ourselves so we can better serve our customers.

Our values

We back our team

We are committed to creating a safe work environment for all employees and stakeholders, and we encourage everyone to be proactive in identifying and addressing potential hazards

Always innovating

We continually search for new tools, methods and training to push the industry forward.

We never stop learning

At our company, we encourage a culture of lifelong learning, because we know that staying up-to-date on the latest research, technologies, and best practices can help us be more effective in our work and better serve our clients.

More than tickboxes

We’re not interested in quick wins, we want to be the gold standard.

No cutting corners

We aim to deliver the absolute best experience in everything we do.

Engaging training = better training

We make our training engaging, so people take more in.

Straight talking

Authenticity and integrity lie in the core of how we speak to customers.

Sharing saves lives

We don’t hold back information. Sharing our knowledge saves lives.

Trust in experience

We trust in what we know, so we stick to our beliefs and processes.

Who are we

The story so far

Ultimately, we don't spend much time looking back as we aim to push the envelope, investing in our team, innovating and striving to be best in class. But if you're interested

September 2014

Incorporation of C&J Training Centre Limited by our Founder Pete Langley. The build of 'Unit 4' the original training centre begins.

February 2015

Our first courses began at the centre.

April 2016

C&J Training Centre Limited rebrands to REAX

August 2017

The development of 'Unit 3' Begins

January 2018

The development of 'Unit 3' is complete and training is underway!

Servicing and PPE Inspection

Looking after your kit

Even the best kit needs regular inspection and servicing. we have a team of fully trained PPE inspectors who can take the worry out of the process. Our servicing team are fully certified to carry out the servicing requirements for many of the leading rescue devices currently on the market.