Maximise your Training Budget

Reduce staff travel and accommodation expenses by bringing us to you.

Minimise disruption

Reduce staff downtime and reduce the time the staff are away from site & home.

Fully accredited

Participants receive the same high-quality training standards as a course at our training centre.

Bespoke training

The features and flexibility of the Mobile Unit allows participants to practice different levels of confined space and work at height training that can replicate most workplace scenarios


Our Mobile Training Unit is quick and easy to set up on site. It can fit in the carpark or a siding. all it needs is somewhere to plug in for power and in around 30 minutes it is ready to go.

A complete training centre on wheels

The Mobile Training Unit comes complete with everything that is needed for the course. Our training admin team will liaise with you prior to the course starting to agree any specialist kit requirements.

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Confined space

The Health & Safety Executive describes a confined space as, a 'space is one which is both enclosed, or largely enclosed, and which also has a reasonably foreseeable risk to workers of fire, explosion, loss of consciousness, asphyxiation or drowning'.

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Working at height

The HSE define working at height as working 'in any place where, if precautions were not taken, a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury.' Whether you working on a stairway, ladder, scaffolding or climbing a tower, knowing the risks and how to work safely are vital.

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It is not always practical or possible to train in situ, at the top of a working telecommunications mast. At Reax we have two training masts in our purpose built training facility. You can train in a safe and dry environment with direct feedback and support from our instructors.

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First aid

A 2021 HSE report stated over 400,000 people sustained a workplace injury. Any company with over 25 employees needs to have at least one trained first aider. However, all businesses can benefit from the peace of mind of having a first aider on-site.

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Rescue Skills

Being prepared for the worst and knowing how to get your team out safely when things go wrong is a key skill when working at height or in a confined space. Reax can provided rescue skills training that will give your team added confidence.

Consultancy & Rescue PlanNing

Start planning today

Whatever your situation our team is ready an waiting to assist. At REAX we provide rescue plans that are tailored to your needs and environment. We include risk assessments and training programmes as well as make recommendations and give advice on the right kit for the job in hand.


We have put some answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding our training below . If you have a question we have not answered, click on contact us

How many locations do you have?

REAX have one dedicated training centre based just off the M55 in Blackpool. However, we work all over the country on client sites!

Can REAX train people on our own site?

Yes! In most cases we can provide training for you on your site. We do this regularly and feel it is the best way to get real world bespoke training in your own environment.

Is there somewhere I can get lunch?

There is a food shop called Nom Nom a 5 minute walk away on the business estate as well as a large Tesco about 8 minutes away by car.

What time do you open?

Your instructors or one of the team will be available to welcome you from 8:30am. giving you plenty of time to grab a brew in one of our two dedicated candidate canteens 

Do I need to bring my own PPE when training?

No, All Equipment will be provided when training in our centre. We can sometimes use the same equipment that you use in your workplace 

What kind of training areas do you have?

Our training centre has a wide variety of scaffold platforms, towers, pitched roofs, sewer systems, reaction vessels, silos, crawl ways and much more to come!

Do I need the equipment for the training course?

REAX provide all the equipment for the training courses we provide. Just make sure you bring decent shoes and appropriate clothes for the course you're booked on.

Where can I park?

There are dedicated parking spaces in front of all of the training centre buildings. If these are full it is free parking on Hallam Way. A map of parking can be found on your joining instructions.

How long will I be certified for?

All Reax Training courses certify you for three years. But don’t worry we will send you an automated reminder when your certificate is due for renewal

What do I do if I'm late arriving?

Due to the nature of the training given it is important that every candidate completes every part of the training. However, we will try and accommodate you should you be a few minuets late. Just ring the bell outside unit 3 and one of the team will introduce you to your instructor.