Tank and Vessel Entry Training

Tank and vessel entry training is a form of confined space entry training specifically for those that need to enter and work inside tanks and vessels. Storage tanks and pressure vessels pose very specific risks to users, and hazards can vary according to the liquid or gas that is stored inside the tank.

The course teaches how to analyse risk, make safe entry, complete the work needed, and exit the tank. It also teaches the use of breathing apparatus and how to appropriately and safely use gas monitoring equipment. Participants will learn to use tripod entry systems, and how to run a permit control system.

As well as the hazards of working in confined spaces, there are those associated with the gas or liquid in the tank. There are additional hazards associated with working in and around pressurised vessels. Such vessels can become so pressurised that they rupture and explode, potentially causing injury to those in the immediate vicinity and up to several hundred feet away. Appropriate safety training is essential.

REAX Ltd has a dedicated simulation centre in Blackpool, Lancashire. We are fully accredited and all of our instructors are highly qualified and experienced in providing the training that will keep your operators and others safe. Book online or call us today with any queries you have about the safety courses that we offer.

What Will Participants Learn?

  • Identification of category of confined space
  • Determine the appropriate safety equipment, and how to use it effectively
  • Learn fall arrest methods to prevent accidents and injuries
  • Topman safety skills
  • Permit controller role and responsibilities
  • Use of equipment to monitor gas and atmospheric safety conditions
  • Use of air-line breathing apparatus and escape sets
  • Use of tripod entry systems
  • Identification and implementation of safe systems of work

Participants will initially learn how to identify the type of hazard that conditions pose. They will analyse and assess risk, before determining the most effective way to safely enter the tank or vessel.

All entrants will be taught how to determine the best personal safety equipment, and how to use a tripod entry system to gain entry to the tank. Candidates will learn how to minimise exposure by preventing unnecessary access to the area.

The Tank and Vessel Entry Training course also teaches the correct use of a variety of breathing apparatus sets, including both Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and air-line equipment sets.

Finally, you will learn everything you need in order to ensure that you can work safely within confined spaces. Ensure that your company, and your employees, meet the latest health and safety requirements, including the Confined Space Regulations 1997.

Who Needs The Course?

  • Course duration – 2 days
  • Recertification period – 3 years

Any individual that is expected to work in tanks and vessels as part of their daily duty, should take the tank and vessel course. Supervisors, managers, and employees that might occasionally need to work in this type of hazardous condition should also consider taking the course.

The course lasts for 2 days and is made up of both written and practical elements. It has a revalidation period of three years, which means that all participants will need to retake the course again towards the end of this period, to ensure that they comply with the latest health and safety standards.

Participant Requirements

  • No qualifications or previous experience required
  • Some physical exertion required
  • Candidates must not suffer from claustrophobia
  • Candidates must sign a medical disclaimer prior to the start of the course

There is no need to have any prior training or qualifications to take this course. However, all entrants are expected to complete a medical assessment form before beginning training, and the course is not suitable for people that suffer from claustrophobia.

Tank And Vessel Entry Training From REAX Ltd

Tank and vessel entry training is a confined space training course for individuals that regularly or occasionally need to enter storage tanks and pressure vessels. These environments pose a range of hazards, including working in confined spaces, as well as potential exposure to the liquid or gas stored inside.

REAX Ltd is a confined space training specialist based in Blackpool and offering courses to participants from businesses around Lancashire. Browse our full range of training courses online, or call us on 01253 767775 with any questions about our courses, or to book your courses today.

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