Confined Space Supervisor Training

Confined space supervisor training is ideal for anybody that needs to supervise or manage people working in confined spaces. This supervisor course is a short course and teaches how to identify potential hazards in confined spaces, how to manage those hazards, and how to ensure safe working work systems are used within the space.

Working in confined spaces poses several inherent risks. As well as the hazards associated with tight spaces, the supervisor training course teaches managers how to ensure that employees and other workers can safely conduct their own work. Supervisors may not need to work directly in these spaces, but may need to check the work of others, sign off on completed projects, and ensure that all employees in these difficult spaces are able to work safely and without hazards.

The course combines theory and practical elements; all of which can be completed at REAX Ltd’s dedicated training space in Blackpool, Lancashire. Instructors are fully trained and qualified to offer professional training, and we can provide training to individuals or full groups of employees that will be working in these challenging conditions.

What Will Participants Learn?

  • Legislation and legal requirements concerned with working in confined spaces
  • Determine the most appropriate safety equipment
  • Learn how to use fall arrest and other safety equipment
  • How to ensure that others are working in as safe an environment as possible

Initially, participants of the confined space entry supervisor training course will have an understanding how to enter a confined space safely. They will be taught how to use and monitor gas and atmosphere safety equipment, and how to take charge of people working in these conditions.

Students will be taught current and upcoming legislation and regulations that are relevant to these hazardous working conditions, and to identify ways in which to mitigate the potential dangers.

Learn how to identify the most appropriate safety equipment, how to use it, and learn fall arrest and other safety methods that could help save lives and prevent injuries.

By the time the course has finished, participants will be able to correctly fit harnesses and other safety equipment. They will understand how to safely enter the confined space and how to employ safety methods and techniques to minimise, or eliminate, accidents and injuries.

Who Needs This Course?

  • Course lasts 1 day
  • Recertification required after 3 years

The confined space supervisor training course is ideally suited to anybody that manages entry into confined spaces, and especially to those that supervise others working in these hazardous conditions. Confined spaces include tanks and vessels, sewers and other spaces.

The confined space entry supervisor training course is a 1 day course, participants need to recertify every 3 years, and meets all current legislation and regulation.

Course Requirements

  • No qualifications or relevant experience needed to take course
  • Participants will need reasonable physical fitness levels
  • You will need to sign a basic medical form

It is assumed that all candidates will have a decent level of physical fitness in order to be able to complete the course and conduct the work safely.

Book Confined Space Supervisor Training With REAX Ltd

Confined space entry supervisor training is a specialist health and safety course, designed primarily for managers and supervisors of people that manage work in confined areas. REAX Ltd is an accredited training centre. We offer full training in a variety of work areas, including confined space entry. Our trainers offer both practical and theoretical training. Call us on 01253 767775 and speak to one of our team, who will answer any queries about the courses we offer.

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