Confined Space Training

REAX is a leading provider of safety training courses. Based in Blackpool, we offer courses to companies and individuals across the Fylde, have dedicated and specialised training spaces available to all our participants, and we offer a range of accredited confined space training courses.

Confined spaces pose a danger to those that work in or around them. Injuries are often caused as a direct result of the individual being unaware of the dangers or because they have not received adequate training or access to the proper safety gear. For the purpose of health and safety regulations, a space is considered confined if it is restricted, but it must also pose some risk of injury as a result of hazardous conditions in the area.

Our training courses teach your employees how to identify potential hazards, mitigative action that can be taken to avoid hazards, and the proper way in which to work in a confined area. Our courses also offer guidance on the proper safety equipment to use, when to use it, and how to ensure its proper use.

We can empower your employees to work safely in some of the most challenging and potentially dangerous situations.

Confined Space Training Courses from REAX

At REAX we specialise in the provision of high-quality training on working in confined area. We are fully compliant and accredited, so you can rely on us providing you with a high quality and reputable service.

Available Courses

Our experienced instructors offer the following relevant, safety training courses:

All courses have a one to three year re-validation period, which means that participants will need to retake examinations every year to three years, according to the specific course requirements.

What Is Confined Space Training?

Confined space training courses are designed to teach safe working in enclosed environments. A confined area can include chambers and vessels, tanks and silos, pits and other spaces that are largely confined or covered. The space must also have some risk of serious injury, such as a risk of:

  • Fire or explosion
  • Gases and fumes
  • High temperatures or conditions that lead to a dangerous increase in body temperature
  • Levels of liquid that cause drowning
  • Materials that could cause asphyxiation

Who Should Take The Training?

These training courses should be undertaken by anybody that works in, or might need to work in, confined areas. This can include employees, managers and supervisors. It should also include rescuers who might have to enter enclosed spaces during rescue work. Anybody else that might have to work in these conditions should be required to undertake regular training.

Relevant Regulations

Generally, employers are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of their employees, as required under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Specifically, the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 demand that work be completed from outside the space, if possible. If working in the space is unavoidable, workers should work in a safe manner and using a safe system of work. Suitable emergency arrangements should be put in place before any work commences.

Failing to meet these regulations can lead to prosecution. Our safety courses are designed and selected to help ensure that your company meets all these regulations and requirements.

Contact REAX to Book your Course

With fully qualified and experienced instructors, specialist training facilities, and a wide range of accredited training courses, REAX is ideally situated to provide your business with the health and safety training that your business and your employees require. Look through our list of training courses now, or call us on 01253 767775 to book a confined space course or with any questions or queries that you have regarding the training services we offer.

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