Confined Space
5 min read

What is a Confined Space?

Published on
February 27, 2024
Keith Parmley
Managing Director
Richard Matthews
Associate Instructor
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So what is a Confined Space?

If your first through is a fully enclosed tight Space, with no room to move around... you're only partially right!

Our Space needs to be enclosed but it doesn't have to be fully, it can be partially enclosed something like a trench or a pit or a well.

This alone doesn't classify it as a Confined Space. 

For us to identify our fully or partially enclosed space as confined there has to be the chance of 1 or more of the below forseeable risks:

F - Fire / Explosion

H - Heat Stress

E - Entrapment

A - Asphyxiation

D - Drowning

In this Video Ric goes through Specified Risks to consider when classifying a space as confined.

What is a Confined Space?

Servicing and PPE Inspection

Looking after your kit

Even the best kit needs regular inspection and servicing. we have a team of fully trained PPE inspectors who can take the worry out of the process. Our servicing team are fully certified to carry out the servicing requirements for many of the leading rescue devices currently on the market.