Confined Space
5 min read

Rescue Planning in Medium and Low Risk Confined Spaces

Published on
February 15, 2024
Pete Langley
Technical Director
Keith Parmley
Managing Director
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The time to think about Confined Space Rescue is BEFORE you need to effect a Confined Space Rescue. So our Technical Director Pete Langley goes through some of the rescue considerations when working in both Low and Medium Risk Confined Spaces.

​What can I do legally, morally and ethically when rescuing in Confined Spaces?

If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

In a Confined Space High Risk Entry there should be a fully equipped Confined Space Emergency Rescue Team standing by ready to effect a Rescue should the need arise. In Full Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). These teams are on site, training, equipped and available immediately.

In the case of a Medium or Low Risk Confined Space there are 2 Scenarios covered in this video by Pete:

  1. A Gas alarm sounds - Do escape breathing apparatus sets and evacuate the space safely and slowly. The issue comes when someone has been overcome by the gas in the space and this is where morally and ethically it becomes a problem. You can not effect a Rescue using an Escape Breathing Apparatus Set!
  2. If an injury occurs in the space - The gas alarm has not gone off, the characteristics of the space are the same. So a Rescue could be undertaken by entrants ont he understanding that they all have a fully charged Escape Breathing apparatus set, Gas Monitor and appropriate PPE.
Servicing and PPE Inspection

Looking after your kit

Even the best kit needs regular inspection and servicing. we have a team of fully trained PPE inspectors who can take the worry out of the process. Our servicing team are fully certified to carry out the servicing requirements for many of the leading rescue devices currently on the market.