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Why REAX are using Scannable for Equipment Tracking and Inspection and why you should consider it!

Published on
March 13, 2024
Keith Parmley
Managing Director
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REAX use Scannable for Equipment Tracking and Inspections across our Training Centre, Mobile Training Rigg, Our Hire Fleet and much much more.

All of our Training Centre Equipment is now NFC tagged and has been allocated a Location such as the classroom it's allocated to or the Instructor who is out on site with it.

The best part is that anyone can check a piece of equipment using any phone with an NFC reader (The same tech which allows you to make payments with your phone through Apple Pay or similar).

It has made tracking so much easier, keeping tabs on when inspections are due and has meant we could get rid of our dreaded spreadsheet!

If you are interested in Scannable get in contact with the equipment team on equipment@reaxltd.com

Servicing and PPE Inspection

Looking after your kit

Even the best kit needs regular inspection and servicing. we have a team of fully trained PPE inspectors who can take the worry out of the process. Our servicing team are fully certified to carry out the servicing requirements for many of the leading rescue devices currently on the market.