Management of Work at Height City & Guilds 6144-31

Recommended For

For persons involved in any activity where work at height may be part of their work task. This will cover all aspects of WAH and the risks involved to include practical training in the use of fall protection equipment. For all persons who act in a supervisory/management position and are required to plan, supervise and manage work at height.

Course Objective

Theory session to include all working at height activities. To understand pre-use checks, harness fitting and correct use of all working at height equipment. To be able to inspect personal equipment and recognise defects and the correct procedure to record these issues. In detail study of the Working at Height Regulation 2005 and their impact on your profession. Covers health and Safety and regulatory requirements, selecting and planning staff and equipment, producing work schedules and site supervision.

Course Content

The Working at Height Regulations 2005.
Safe systems of work.
Methods of fall protection and fall arrest equipment.
Anchor identification and selection.
Work restraint systems and Work positioning systems.
Understanding of suspension intolerance.
Risk assessing, method statements, identifying hazards and planning the work task.
Fragile surfaces and falling object hazards.
Selection of staff.
Health and Safety requirements.
Working at Height documentation and site supervision.
Inspection care and maintenance.
Record keeping

Skill Base

Fitting and adjustment of harness.
Fitting and use of twin lanyards.
Individual and collective protection methods.
Understanding practically the use of the energy absorbing lanyards.
Fitting and use of work positioning equipment.
Correct use of PPE anchors and anchor systems.
Methods of ladder climbing.
Correct use of fall arrest blocks.
Practical use of fixed and temporary vertical fall arrest systems.

Course Requirements

No pre-course requirements.

Medical Requirements

A Reax statement of medical fitness to be signed prior to the commencement of the course. A reasonable level of fitness will be required to complete the practical element of this course.