Rope Access Telecom’s Training

Recommended For

All persons who work within the Telecoms Industry and need to access any equipment from below a roof top. Engineers, following the work task, may then return to the roof top or descend down to the ground on a twin rope system. Designed for a two man rigging team who manage elevated mounted antennas.

Course Objective

To give the worker the knowledge and skills to construct a basic anchor system, employ a twin rope configuration and descend on a work seat to a work place. After making themselves safe and following the work task, be then able to ascend on the system back to the roof level or decide to descend straight down to the ground. To help rigging and lifting crews to achieve access to the Telecoms equipment.

Course Content

Working at Height Regulations 2005.
Safe systems of work.
Anchor identification and selection.
Edge protection issues.
Ascending and descending a twin rope system.
Use of safety back up systems.
Passing a rope deviation.
Rope to rope transfer.
Simple haul systems.
Releasable anchor systems.
Understanding of suspension intolerance.
Risk assessing, identifying hazards and planning the work task.
Inspection care and maintenance.

Skill Base

Fitting and adjustment of harness.
Correct use of PPE anchors and anchor systems.
Competent inspection of PPE used and its maintenance.
Understanding of edge protection and methods.
Ability to ascend and descend a twin rope system using a constant two points of contact system.
Understanding of safety back up systems.
Ability to install and pass a rope deviation.
Ability to carry out rope to rope transfer.
The ability to construct a simple haul system.
The ability to construct a releasable anchor system and use the system to recover a person.
Understanding of suspension intolerance and methods of dealing with the condition
The ability to write a risk assessment and plan a work task prior to work commencing.

Course Requirements

No pre-couse requirements.

Medical Requirements

A Reax statement of medical fitness to be signed prior to the commencement of the course. A reasonable level of fitness will be required to complete the practical element of this course.

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