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REAX Ltd is a specialist provider of safety training courses including working at height, safe climbing, and rescue operative training that can all form part of telecoms courses designed to ensure the safety of engineers. We have a dedicated training space, are fully accredited, provide a wide range of courses, and all of our instructors are fully qualified and experienced in their field of training.

Engineers are required to work at height, climb masts and poles efficiently and safely, and work with potentially irradiated materials and electricity. Falls from height are the safety hazard that cause the most fatal injuries in the workplace and are responsible for a majority of major injuries too. Offering safety training to employees enables you to mitigate these potential accidents.

Telecoms engineer training includes a range of safety training courses including climbing safety, working at heights safety, and even radiation safety courses. Engineers will often also be required to work close to electricity supplies, while working conditions including long working days can negatively impact on the working safety of an individual. Effective telecoms courses can be used to ensure safety and prevent any accidents or injuries to engineers. These courses should be considered a basic prerequisite of telecoms training; all engineers should undergo this training and should have regular retraining so that they are up to date.

Telecoms Training Courses From REAX Ltd

REAX offers training for telecoms engineers, managers, and supervisors, as well as rescuers and anybody else that has to work up telecoms masts and towers. We are fully accredited and provide the latest in training to ensure that all participants receive the best possible training.

Available Courses

We offer a full range of relevant telecoms engineer safety courses, including:

  • Advanced Climber Training
  • Telecoms Rigging Training
  • Radio Frequency Awareness Training
  • Rope Access Telecoms Training
  • Tower Mast Climber
  • Tower Mast Rescue Training

In most cases, it is necessary to retrain every year to three years, to ensure that all of your employees are in line with regulatory requirements and the latest training techniques. Each course has different retraining requirements – call us on 01253 767775 to determine the retraining requirements for your course.

What Is Telecoms Training?

Individuals and businesses are heavily reliant on telecoms for their phones, Internet, and WiFi. The infrastructure for these systems needs to be installed and regularly maintained, which means sending engineers up masts and telecoms poles to install and maintain the infrastructure system. Working up masts and poles requires poses several hazards. Telecoms engineers need to be properly trained in the safe climbing of elevated towers, how to safely work at heights, and how to safely operate any tools, equipment, and the infrastructure hardware.

Who Should Take The Training?

Our accredited telecoms training courses provide all the training necessary to ensure the safety of employees, managers, supervisors, and even rescuers. Engineers obviously need the training to ensure that they can work safely. Supervisors and managers will need the training if they will ascend towers and masts to check or sign off on work, and rescuers require training to ensure that they can safely rescue employees that are stuck or are involved in an accident. You can book training for an individual or for a group of employees.

Relevant Regulations

It is a legal responsibility for employers to ensure that they offer a safe working environment for employees. As such, general Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 regulations apply, while Working at Height Regulations 2005 are also relevant to any employee that works at elevated height.

Book Your Telecoms Engineer Training With REAX Ltd

Whether you require working at height training for a group of employees, or telecoms safety training for a whole team, REAX Ltd has the course for you. We have convenient and high class training facilities, accredited and qualified trainers, and a wide selection of some of the best instructors available. Call us on 01253 767775 or browse our site to see the full selection of courses that we have available to our clients.

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