Tower Crane Rescue

Recommended For

All persons who are required to rescue a casualty from a tower crane structure, including the cab, jib or tower section or any person from a walkway or suspended from a lanyard after a fall. This will also include persons who do not work on the tower crane but who form part of a rescue team should an incident occur. This training complies with the all requirements of ‘Construction Plant Hire Association technical note TIN 013- Rescue of Personnel From Height on Tower Cranes’

Course Objective

To give the candidates the skills to rescue a casualty using a constant rate decender, (CRD).
To use a reach pole to gain an anchorage point onto the casualty and to lower them safely to the ground. To be able to select suitable anchorages and give casualty care throughout the rescue.
Course Content
Pre use checks of all equipment.
Selecting a suitable anchorage point.
Safe systems of work.
Methods of fall protection.
Using fixed and temporary fall arrest systems.
The use of constant rate descenders (CRD’s).
The use of the rescue / reach pole.
The use of twin fall arrest lanyards, work positioning and restraint belts.
Protecting sharp edges.
Casualty handling methods and the understanding of suspension intolerance.
The use of stretchers.
Inspection care and maintenance.

Skill Base

Fitting and adjustment of harness.
Fitting and use of twin lanyards.
Understanding practically the use of the energy absorbing lanyards.
Fitting and use of work positioning equipment.
Correct use of PPE anchors and anchor systems.
Methods of ladder climbing.
Correct use of fall arrest blocks.
Knowledge of temporary / fixed vertical fall arrest systems.
Practical use of constant rate descenders (CRD’s).
Practical use of the rescue / reach pole.
Practical use of stretchers.
Knowledge of casualty management skills.

Course Requirements

It is desirable but not essential for the candidate to hold a working at height qualification. All persons must be capable to ascend a tall structure and be able to work at a point of height and exposure.

Medical Requirements

A signed Reax statement of medical fitness to be signed prior to the commencement of the course. A reasonable level of fitness will be required to complete the practical element of this course.

Course Information

Valid for: 3 Years
Duration: 1 Day
Ratio: 1:6
Assessment: Practical & Written

On site training available across the UK