Rescue Skills Awareness

The rescue skills awareness training course is aimed at people working at heights or below ground. It teaches the skills necessary to raise or lower a person following a fall or other accident. Working at height still poses one of the greatest risks to workers, with most fatal accidents in the workplace being caused by falls from heights.

It is important that anybody working in an elevated position is properly trained and has the right equipment. This not only ensures their own safety, but the safety of those around them. Furthermore, you should have fall recovery procedures in place. These recovery procedures aim to minimise injury and the risk of fatality. They identify possible hazards, how to determine the most appropriate fall arrest and fall recovery safety equipment to use, and they teach the correct and safe use of equipment.

REAX Ltd is a fully accredited simulation centre. Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced. We offer a rescue skills awareness training course that teaches candidates how to use the equipment that is found in a standard rescue kit. The course includes both practical and written elements. It benefits anybody that works at height and provides a basic overview of how to work safely at heights and how to perform a basic rescue.

What Will Participants Learn?

  • Identify key legislation for working at height
  • The use of pre rigged rescue equipment
  • Checking of equipment prior to use
  • Sharp edge protection techniques
  • Understanding friction factors
  • Selection use and assembly of simple pulley systems
  • Anchor identification and selection
  • Casualty care during the rescue
  • Suspension Intolerance issues
  • Inspection care and maintenance

This 1-day course teaches participants the appropriate legislation for working at height. This ensures that all employees meet current guidelines, and it helps to protect participants from injury caused by falling.

Students will also be able to identify the best equipment and rescue systems. They will learn how to use pre-rigged equipment, how to check the safety and integrity of equipment before use, and how to protect the equipment during use by protecting against sharp edges and friction. Students will also lean to erect and use pulley systems and anchors.

The course teaches participants how to care for injured casualties during a rescue, helping ensure that they have the best opportunity for rescue and prevent further injuries.

Who Needs This Course?

  • Course duration – 1 day
  • Recertification period – 3 years

The rescue skills awareness training course is suited to anybody that works at height or below ground. This includes individual employees, as well supervisors, managers, and inspectors. It ensures that workers comply with current legislation and it teaches the identification and use of the correct harnesses and equipment found in a standard rescue kit.

The course lasts 1 day, and participants need to be recertified every three years to ensure that they are fully certified to work at heights.

Participant Requirements

  • A valid Working at Height qualification required
  • Some physical exertion is required to complete the course
  • Participants should be comfortable working at height
  • All students are required to sign a medical form before the course commences

The nature of the course content means that participants must be confident working at height. All participants must hold a valid Working at Height qualification, and there is a degree of physical exertion during the practical sessions. All students are required to sign a medical release form before they commence the course.

Rescue Skills Awareness Training From REAX Ltd

REAX Ltd offers health and safety training courses to individuals and groups from our dedicated simulation centre in Blackpool, Lancashire. Our fully qualified instructors ensure that students have a strong grasp of the safety requirements for working at height. We are fully accredited, teach the latest techniques, and we ensure that our courses offer the latest guidance and rescue techniques.

View our full range of rescue skills awareness and other health and safety training courses on our site. Alternatively, call us on 01253 767775 and we will answer any questions about the courses and service that we offer.

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