Rope Rescue Supervisor

The rope rescue supervisor course is aimed at supervisory members of the rope rescue team. The 5 day course concentrates on complex rescue situations, teaches how to perform rescues, and also assesses the supervisory skills of participants to ensure that they can safely and reliably manage a team of rope rescue operators. The course involves both theoretical and practical elements.

Participants will learn how to identify and implement safe systems of work. They will be taught about the legal aspects of rope rescue systems, as well as other regulations pertaining to the Working at Height Regulations 2005. Practical skills taught to the individual include how to move safely on ropes, including ascending and descending and changing from rope to rope. Finally, attendees will learn about implementing back up safety systems, and how to maintain and care for safety equipment.

REAX Ltd is a simulation centre in Blackpool, offering training facilities and the teaching of modern and effective rescue techniques. We offer a range of rope rescue and rope access training courses, including the rope rescue supervisor training course. This course is ideal for existing rope rescue supervisors that need to recertify, or rescue operators that wish to advance to a supervisory role. It is also suitable for groups looking to ensure that their team has access to the latest information and techniques governing safe rope rescue. Browse all of our courses online, or call us with questions about the courses we offer.

What Will Participants Learn?

  • The Working at Height Regulations 2005
  • Safe systems of work
  • Methods of fall protection
  • Existing Safe Working platforms
  • Anchor identification and selection
  • Movement on rope systems – Ascending/Descending, Passing knots, Rope to rope transfer, Passing deviations
  • Fixed and mobile aid climbing, Passing re-belays
  • Fall arrest methods and understanding of suspension intolerance
  • Problem solving for Rope Systems on the incident ground, passing knots through devices
  • Casualty management and movement using stretcher with information on ‘C’ Spine immobilisation. Risk assessing, identifying hazards and planning the work task
  • Leader responsibilities on the incident ground
  • Implementing incident plan dynamically throughout the task
  • Inspection care and maintenance

The Working at Height Regulations 2005 are a regulatory framework that offer best working practices to ensure the people working at an elevated position can do so as safely as possible. Falls from height remain one of the most common causes of major injuries in the workplace. The regulations were established to help reduce or mitigate the potential dangers of this type of work. The rope rescue supervisor course delves into the details of the regulations, so that participants can work competently, safely, and within government regulations.

Practical content of the course includes the teaching of how to safely move on rope systems. Participants will learn how to ascend and descend on rope systems, as well as how to safely change from rope to rope. They will also learn how to establish and use a secondary system. Students will learn how to manage and guide other members of the rope access team.

Proper maintenance of equipment is essential. Poorly maintained ropes and other items can lead to further problems and injuries. Our rope access course teaches participants how to inspect ropes and safety equipment, and how to maintain them for longer life and safe operation.

Who Needs This Course?

  • Course duration – 5 days
  • Recertification period – 3 years

The Rope Rescue Supervisor training course is a 5 day course, incorporating both theoretical and practical elements. Participants will need to recertify within 3 years to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements.

Participant Requirements

  • Previous experience or qualification in rope rescue operator work
  • A reasonable level of fitness is needed
  • Students should be comfortable working at heights
  • All participants must sign a medical release form before the course starts

Because this is a supervisor course, participants will need to show a suitable level of competence in rope rescue operator procedures or be able to produce documentation to show qualifications in this area. All participants must have a reasonable level of fitness. All participants need to sign a medical release form before they can start the course.

Rope Rescue Supervisor Training From REAX Ltd

With our dedicated simulation centre in Blackpool, REAX Ltd offers a full range of health and safety training courses. We offer rope access training and rope rescue supervisor training courses. We are fully accredited and our instructors are highly qualified to offer rope and rescue training.

While the rope rescue supervisor training course is aimed at team leaders and supervisors of rope rescue teams, we also offer operator and other rescue courses. Browse and book courses online, or call us on 01253 767775 and speak to one of our team with any questions or queries.

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