Gantry Rescue Training

Recommended For

Persons involved in any activity where work at height is part of the work task. The course covers practical sessions for the connection of a rescue equipment and lowering of a casualty should someone fall from the working platform. Course covers the use of CRD devices.

Course Objective

Theory session to include working at height activities and the procedure to follow if someone falls. To understand pre-use checks, harness fitting and correct use of the rescue equipment including assembly and operation to lower or raise the casualty to a place of safety. To use the CRD device to ‘off weight’ a casualty and either raise or lower them to a place of safety.

Course Content

Identify key legislation for working at height.
Use of pre rigged Rescue Equipment.
Use of CRD equipment.
Checking of equipment prior to use.
Sharp edge protection.
Anchor identification and selection.
Casualty care during the Rescue.
Inspection care and maintenance.

Skill Base

Fitting and adjustment of harness.
Creating a safe system of work prior to commencing the rescue.
Connection of the casualty to the rescue equipment.
Use of the CRD device to effect a rescue.
Lowering of the casualty to a place of safety with both CRD and pre rigged rescue kit.
Raising of the casualty to a place of safety with both CRD and pre rigged rescue kit.
Correct use of PPE anchors and anchor systems.
Casualty care and recovery with regard to suspension intolerance issues.

Course Requirements

No pre-course requirements.

Medical Requirements

A Reax statement of medical fitness to be signed prior to the commencement of the course. A reasonable level of fitness will be required to complete the practical element of this course.

Course Information

Valid for: 3 Years
Duration: 1 Day
Ratio: 1:6
Assessment: Practical & Written