Rescue Training

Reax Specialist Access & Rescue ltd can provide training, instruction and information in the following courses. REAX is fully compliant with current legislation and accredited by the following governing bodies: City & Guilds, ARQIVA & Qualsafe. All the below courses run on a one to three year re-validation period.
Rescue Courses across Lancashire

When it comes to rescue training, you can trust that you’re in the right hands with REAX, our team of instructors have a wealth of experience and are fully qualified when it comes confined space courses. We offer a full selection, including:

Advanced Stretcher Rescue
Confined Space High Risk Rescue 6150-05
First Responder
Gantry Rescue Procedure
Rescue After a Fall
Rescue Skills Awareness
Rescue Skills – 2 Day
Rope Rescue Operator
Rope Rescue Supervisor
Tower Crane Rescue
Tower & Mast Rescue

Rescue and Safety Cover

At REAX, we provide highly specialised rescue and safety cover that can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, and complies with the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997. We also offer a highly professional consultancy service for those requiring risk assessments, method statements or safe systems of work for hazardous tasks.

Confined Space Rescue Training

Every year a number of people lose their lives or are seriously injured due to working in confined spaces and its usually due to them being unaware of the dangers, poorly training or not having the correct safety equipment. Confined space courses are designed to help people understand more about safe work practices, suitable control measures and the law regarding to staying safe at work.

A confined space is defined as any area including a chamber, vessel, tank, silo, pit or other similar space that is largely enclosed and is classified as a foreseeable specified risk of serious injury.

A risk can be any of the following:

Fire or explosion causing serious injury
Gas, fume, vapour or lack of oxygen causing loss of consciousness
Increase in body temperature causing loss of consciousness
Increase in the level of liquid causing drowning
Free flowing solids causing asphyxiation

Confined Space Regulations

Confined spaces can be deadly and in 1997 regulations were introduced to control the industry and the self-employed. It’s now the law that if you’re involved with entering, controlling or supervising people involved with confined space work, you must have receive training. Failure to comply with the 1997 Confined Space Regulations can result in prosecution.
With some people being killed or seriously injured in the UK every year, this also includes a large number of people trying rescue others without sufficient equipment or training.

The Confined Space Regulations state the following:
Avoid entry to confined spaces (for example, working from outside
If entry to a confined space is unavoidable, follow a safe system of work
Put in place adequate emergency arrangements before the work starts
At REAX we’re fully compliant with current legislation and accredited by the following governing bodies; City & Guilds, ARQIVA and Qualsafe.

First Responder Training

We offer a comprehensive range of health and safety training to a wide range of industries. We have developed our specialist skills, experience and knowledge from working in difficult and potentially high risk environments, and our team of qualified trainers not only provide expert training but can impart simulated scenarios of situations they have faced, to bring the learning to life.

We are also able to offer first class practical training in our state of the art confined space facilities, to prepare and train anyone who works in confined spaces. Here we can simulate how to prepare for entry, how to work in a safe manner while in a potentially dangerous environment and then create emergency situations where candidates are taught to escape in a safe manner.