Rescue Training

REAX provides a host of safety courses including rescue training courses including rope rescue, tower crane rescue, and fire and rescue training for rescue operators and rescuers. Our training courses are fully compliant with legislation and regulations and we are governed by City & Guilds, ARQIVA and Qualsafe.

When working with any potential hazards in the workplace, your business needs a disaster recovery and rescue plan in place. The rescue plan ensures that any accidents are dealt with quickly. This can help prevent injuries altogether and can reduce the risk of minor injuries becoming major. It can also restrict the effects on any third parties. Having a rescue plan in place is a legal requirement for many businesses and in a lot of circumstances. Typically, any work done at height or in hazardous conditions or confined spaces requires a rescue plan and trained rescuers as well as the use of proper safety equipment and gear.

At REAX, we can provide you and your employees with a wide range of courses including rescue training and fire and rescue training courses. Take a look at the different rescue team training courses we offer or call us on 01253 767775 with any questions or queries you have on our courses or other services.

Rescue Training Courses From REAX

All courses that we offer are accredited and recognised as industry standard. When you book any training courses through REAX Ltd you can be assured that we meet and exceed required standards, so you and all of your team members will receive the appropriate level of training.

Available Courses

Our experienced trainers offer the following courses, in our specialist training centre:

  • Gantry Rescue Procedure
  • Rescue After a Fall
  • Rescue Skills Awareness
  • Rescue Skills – 2 Day
  • Rope Rescue Operator
  • Rope Rescue Supervisor
  • Tower Crane Rescue

When booking safety training courses, consider the retraining period. Most courses include a required one to three-year retraining course, but you can check course details or ring us for more information on the course and specific requirements for each.

What Is Rescue Training?

Rescue training is typically used by rescuers but may also be taken by representatives including individual employees and supervisors.

As part of your health and safety requirements, you not only have to mitigate accidents, you also need to put emergency recovery procedures in place. This should include having professionally trained rescue operatives on hand in the event of an emergency.

Accidents can be exacerbated if you have improperly trained and unqualified rescue operatives. A skilled rescuer will know how to safely approach injured parties, what steps to take to minimise the possibility of further injuries, and may be able to recover the person back to a safe area.

Who Needs The Training?

There are different levels of training course available, as well as for a range of different environments and settings. The courses are ideally suited to rescuers, and you can also provide some basic training to all employees that might be in a situation where they need to rescue a colleague or third party. Managers and supervisors can also take the training to help them manage potentially dangerous situations.

Regulations And Requirements

It is a legal requirement that all employers provide a safe working environment for their employees; a provision of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

If there is an accident, and it is shown that you were negligent in your duty of care, you could be held liable and even face prosecution. REAX Ltd rescue training courses are designed to help ensure that you have a reliable rescue service in place.

Book Rescue Team Training With REAX

We have the latest training facilities, qualified staff, and we offer a wide range of accredited training courses. Contact REAX by calling 01253 767775 or browse our full list of rescue and other health and safety training courses. Book fire and rescue training courses for individuals in your organisation or rescue team training for groups of employees today.

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