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REAX Ltd is a leading provider of health and safety training courses based in Blackpool and offering our services to individuals and businesses across Lancashire and the Fylde. We offer a host of courses, including general first aid as well as more specific courses such as those intended for professionals working at heights. We are fully accredited, offer training in our dedicated training centre, and our training personnel are fully qualified and certified.

There are many potential safety hazards in the workplace. Accidents at heights have historically proven to be the most dangerous, leading to the majority of fatal accidents in the workplace. Other common accidents can include those caused when working in hazardous environments, working with hazardous materials, and when operating heavy machinery.

It is important that you provide employees, including supervisors and managers, with all the safety training that they require. Conduct thorough risk assessments, consult with Health and Safety Executive guidelines to determine whether there are any regulations that you need to comply with, and book effective and high quality training courses for those employees that need them.

There are some courses that offer guidance and training on very specific circumstances. For example, very few people should be responsible for handling asbestos, but some of your employees may be required to do so. In this case, and because of the potentially huge danger that this material poses, it is essential that they have the proper training.

Courses From REAX Ltd

At REAX we offer specialist health and safety training courses. These courses are fully accredited and are designed to help ensure the safety of all of your employees, not just those that are taking the courses. For example, the improper handling of asbestos can lead to all employees inhaling the potentially fatal fibres, but with proper safety training, it is possible to mitigate this potential disaster. Book now to access our high quality training courses.

Available Courses

Browse the rest of our courses pages to find details of working at height, first aid, and telecoms engineer safety courses, among others. Alternatively, we also offer these training courses:

  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • PPE Training
  • Rigging And Lifting Training
  • Manual Handling Training

What Is Safety Training?

If your employees are ever put in a position where they could face potential injury because of working conditions or the job they are required to do, they need to be provided with suitable safety equipment and they should be properly trained, in order to eliminate the possibility of injury. Safety training courses can minimise accidents and eliminate injuries in the workplace.

Who Should Take Safety Training?

Because there are so many different potentially hazardous circumstances, there is also a broad range of training courses that can be undertaken. Choose those that are relevant and required, and ensure that all employees that face hazardous conditions undertake the proper safety training for their requirements. As well as workers, consider managers and supervisors. For example, if a manager needs to assess work conducted at height, they will also need working at height safety training.

Meeting Regulations

It is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that their employees remain safe and free from injury while at work, and the Health and Safety Executive has established a number of regulatory acts to ensure that this is the case. The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 demands that training be provided to ensure the safety of employees, and if it is found that you failed to provide this training, causing an injury to an employee, you could face legal action.

Book Safety Training Courses With REAX Ltd Today

At REAX we provide a range of safety training courses, including courses for those that will be handling asbestos, for those working with electrical equipment, and manual handling courses, all of which can help prevent workplace injuries and illness. Browse the courses we offer on our site, or call us on 01253 767775 with any questions you have about the courses that we provide.

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