H2s Hydrogen Sulphide Training

Recommended For

All persons who have responsibility for detecting and managing Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) hazards.

Course Objective

To give instruction and information involving all hazards associated with Hydrogen Sulphide gas. To be informed of workplace exposure limits detailed in EH40 and understand the control measures to be taken if dealing with a potential escape of gas. To become competent in the use of portable gas monitoring systems.

Course Content

Hazard identification.
Hazard management.
Portable gas monitoring.
Exposure limits (EH 40).
Hazard areas and weather conditions.
Signage and PPE.
Breathing apparatus escape set procedure.

Skill Base

To be able to identify a hazardous area.
To be able to manage a hazardous area.
To become competent with portable gas monitoring equipment.
To understand exposure limits.
Consider hazardous areas with regard to weather conditions.
To identfy information signage.
Be aware of correct PPE.
To become competent in the use of Breathing Apparatus escape sets.

Course Requirements

No pre course requirements.

Medical Requirements

A Reax statement of medical fitness to be signed prior to the commencement of the course. A reasonable level of fitness will be required to complete the practical element of this course. All candidates should not suffer with claustrophobic issues.

Course Information

Valid for: 1 Year
Duration: 0.5 Day
Ratio: 1:10
Assessment: Practical & Written