£38.00 (excl VAT)
£45.60 (incl VAT)

A medium impact-rated ultra-clear full-face visor designed to fit directly to all Pinnacle Volt helmets. With no metal parts, the Low Elec visor provides protection against short circuit electric arc.

  • Attaches directly to any Pinnacle helmets.
  • Fully positionable with friction fittings.
  • Fog resistant (waiting on confirmation).
  • Made from nylon for durability and non-conductivity.
  • Rubber seal strip along top edge of visor where it meets the helmet.
  • Fluid splash, flying particles and dust protection.
  • UV Filter & Visible light filtration; 3-1.2
  • Optical Class; 1 (No optical distortion, suitable for permanent wear)
  • Resistance to flying particles; B (Medium Impact)
  • Resistance to short circuit electric arcs; 8 (open circuit electric arc of 12 kA max, 380–400 V, 50Hz)