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confined check cards
reax confined space check cards
reax confined space
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ongoing gas readings card
Confined Space Check Cards - REAX
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Work at Height Check Cards – REAX

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Our team has finished the development of a set of Work at Height Check Cards. These cards are printed and encapsulated in a hard laminate for increased durability. These packs also come with a pen attached which can be used to write on the cards but is also wipeable so the cards can be reused.

Contents Include:

What is a Work at Height
Heirarchy of Fall Protection
Work Restraint
Work Position
Work Fall Arrest
Fall Factors
Fall Arrest Lanyards – Clearance
PPE For Work at Height
Types of Fall Arrest
Common Inspection Regimes
General Considerations
Why Plan for Rescue?

These cards are for reference and guidance purposes only and are NOT a substitute for training. Whilst content is correct at the time of print it may be subject to legislation changes. For up to date regulations please search for the Work at Height Regulations.

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