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Mobile Confined Space and Work at Height Training Unit!

Posted on: 04/5/22

In January 2022 we launched our new Mobile Training Unit for use at client sites throughout the United Kingdom. If you would be interested in further information or booking our Mobile Unit please get in contact with our team on 01253 767775 Option 2. Our team are ecstatic with how it has turned out and […]

Confined Space Rescue

Posted on: 10/11/21

What is a Confined Space? A confined space is defined as a space not designed for continuous occupancy but large enough for workers to enter with limited or restricted means for entry or exit. Confined spaces include tunnels, pipelines, tanks, vessels, silos, shafts, hoppers, vaults, trenches, chambers, machine interiors, pits or manholes. Why Working within […]

REAX create bespoke Rescue Plan Package for DHL

Posted on: 05/29/20

REAX recently worked on a large project with DHL in their newly developed distribution centre at East Midlands Airport. REAX were asked to provide our expertise to help with a specific issue DHL were facing. Our Technical team made an initial site visit to further understand the problem, establish the facts, take photo evidence and […]

REAX – Training Centre Measures in place for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Posted on: 05/27/20

I’m proud to say that we have been hand-selected by City & Guilds EQA panel as the centre of excellence for the UK with regards to our standard of Confined Space training and the measures we have put in place for COVID-19 and our other training courses so quickly. This has led to them requesting […]

What Exactly Happens on a Training Course?

Posted on: 12/18/18

We are sometimes asked what exactly happens on our courses. Quite rightly people want to know how their time will be spent over one to five days. The short, quick answer is that details of all our courses can be found here. If you want an idea of the general content of the course, that’s the […]

Confined Space Work: Missing A Hazard? (Part 1)

Posted on: 12/2/18

Andy Williams is Training Manager at Reax Ltd, a Specialist Access and Rescue training centre in Blackpool, UK. Offering training, consultancy and rescue planning in confined Spaces, work at height and other rope rescue related discipline, the training team consists primarily of emergency services personnel. Have you missed a key hazard when planning confined space […]

Rescue Log: Angry Silo Rescue

Posted on: 10/3/18

Two Reax Training Centre instructors reflect on a rope rescue team call out from some years ago. Names are withheld to protect the privacy of those involved. “Just send my lads in you *$%£”ing idiots, they’ll dig me out, they know what to do.” Clearly this casualty didn’t fully understand his predicament. Usually his hired […]

Cold truth: Emergency response planning which misses the obvious…

Posted on: 09/27/18

Andy Williams, Training Manager at Reax Ltd in Blackpool considers an often overlooked aspect of emergency planning for rope rescue operations. Andy works in an industrial context training specialist access and rescue to a range of industries and has a background in instructing mountaineering and climbing. Many emergency response plans focus solely on getting a […]

Managing work at height? There’s something you need to know…

Posted on: 07/28/18

If you’re like me, you want to make sure that you do your job properly. Professionally there’s nothing worse than making the wrong call. Legally, making the wrong decision can be even more catastrophic. Managing people who work at height can be an absolute minefield. People’s lives, the wellbeing of their families, company reputation, profits […]

Gravity, Confidence and Competence

Posted on: 07/12/18

Reax ltd are based in Blackpool, UK (www.reaxltd.com). Training Manager Andy Williams reflects on an all too familiar occurrence in height safety and rescue: Walk into any given training course across the country and do a little test. Make sure that the trainer involved is experienced, having worked in their role for years. Beginners might […]

5 Things We’ve Noticed in Access and Rescue in 2016

Posted on: 06/26/18

5 Things We’ve Noticed in Access and Rescue in 2016 December 21, 2016 Andy Williams The list below is observations we’ve made in the last year. They’re not all trends, though some certainly are. Some good, some not so much… Any themes, trends or constants which you’ve seen in access, rescue, work at height, confined […]

One step away from not going home..

Posted on: 05/22/18

This article is part 3 of the series “Confined Space Work: Missing a Hazard?” While dangerous gases and the risk of explosions continue to be major hazards in many confined spaces, there is another one which often goes unnoticed. It’s a hazard which accounts for the highest number of fatalities in workplaces generally. “…a moment of […]

Top 5 Myths in Confined Space Work

Posted on: 05/6/18

Here at Reax Ltd in Blackpool, UK we work with people from a wide range of different industries, with various levels of experience. Here’s the top 5 myths our trainers hear every now and then: Myth No. 1: “A confined space only has one point of access or egress” While it’s true that a confined […]

Underground Storage Tank Explosion

Posted on: 04/21/18

This underlines for us the importance of the training which we provide. The gentleman involved suffered extensive burns but is now apparently in a “satisfactory” condition in hospital. Reax is based in Blackpool, UK. We provide specialist access and rescue training including Confined Space training, Work at Height training, Rope Rescue training and a range […]

Should we use a live casualty or a dummy in training?

Posted on: 04/19/18

Four students on a rope rescue course. One afternoon left. Loads of kit. A desire to practice pick-off rescues, stretcher lowers, highlines or similar. And an important decision to make: Can we use a live exercise casualty or should we use a dummy? Or, as some might put it; “it’s time to get Ruth out” […]

Skill fade just at the wrong time…

Posted on: 04/18/18

Reax Ltd are based in Blackpool, UK (www.reaxltd.com). Training Manager Andy Williams picks up on an often ignored aspect of safety in the workplace: A shout, a momentary pause and then the thud of harness impacting human body accompanied by the clatter of metal work. Your colleague has just fallen off. Their fall arrest lanyard […]

Sideways Thinking in Confined Space Access

Posted on: 03/4/18

What is the typical piece of equipment associated with confined space entry? In many people’s minds it will be a tripod. Or possibly a quadpod. And the typical entry is probably vertically into a manhole, silo or vessel, using a tripod and retrievable fall arrest block for access and rescue. As a result many training […]

When there is nothing to hold on to

Posted on: 02/3/18

This article is part 2 of the series “Confined Space Work: Missing a Hazard?” A tripod. A couple of fall arrest harnesses. A retrievable inertia reel (fall arrest block). A gas monitor. A small opening in the ground above an underground cavity. A silo, vessel, valve chamber; any number of different confined spaces. This is […]

Unconscious and Hanging: Tower Rescue Techniques

Posted on: 01/18/18

This is Part 1 of a series considering a very specific rescue scenario and the various techniques which may be used during such a rescue. See Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Above you is 20 metres of structural steel lattice which suspends a variety of aerials and dishes. Below you is a very […]

Unconscious and Hanging: Tower Rescue Techniques Part 2 – Cut-Away Rescue

Posted on: 01/18/18

This is Part 2 (Part 1, Part 3, Part 4) in a series considering various methods used to rescue an inaccessible casualty hanging on their fall arrest lanyards on a tower. It specifically draws from techniques commonly used in the telecoms industry but raises issues of relevance to workers or technicians in a range of […]

Unconscious and Hanging: Part 3 Pick-off without cutting

Posted on: 01/18/18

Having considered the sometimes controversial topic of cut-away rescues (see Part 1, Part 2 and Part 4) we now turn to a similar technique that doesn’t involve sharp objects! A common video on rescue training courses shows the unfortunate results of someone using a knife incorrectly in a rescue context: Poor “Goob”. He probably wasn’t […]

Unconscious and Hanging: Part 4 Constant Rate Descenders

Posted on: 01/18/18

So far in this series of blog posts (see Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) we’ve considered the use of a number of rescue systems to rescue an unconscious casualty hanging in free space. Specifically, for the purposes of clarity and focus, we’ve narrowed our consideration to techniques which might be employed by workers […]

Confined Space Training 101: Buyers Guide

Posted on: 01/3/18

There is a staggering range of options out there when it comes to training people to access confined spaces. Do you have the right information to book your individual of group of employees in with the right training provider? Information to choose the best trainers… Information to make the right decision on location: online, mobile, […]

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